Adveniat Foundation Manifest

Global and Latam context.

Today we are witnessing a true change of era and not simply a time of change. The cultural features of postmodernity that began to take shape in the mid-twentieth century have seen technology -especially those related to communication and information- as an accelerating agent. It is not difficult to think that future generations will look at the twenty years we have been going through as a historical process of profound cultural transformations, mainly leveraged by technology and its possibilities. Recently, due to the distancing measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed the largest technology adoption process in history, where a huge portion of the global population were forced to use new technologies to continue with their economic, educational or personal activities [...]

Adveniat Foundation Manifest.

As an expression of the founding ideas of our organization, we list below the priorities and approaches that we propose for our region. We seek to address our activities in line with the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations Organization (

Dignify the person in the face of technological advance.

Social inclusion in the process of technification of work.

The educator as the center of the training processes.

Importance of the family, the school and the State for education.

Transversality of the technology in all human activities.

Computational thinking and emotional intelligence.

Multiple intelligences approach.

Importance of self-discovery and self-learning.

Soft skills and agile organizational models.

Hybrid educational models.

Promotion of women in the technology sector.

"You have to always maintain a positive attitude: without that you cannot talk about well-being or productivity." ► Gastón Morales.

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