What we do

Permanent programs

  • Study scholarship program at Funiversity of Inteligencia Educativa SAS centers and CBAROBOTICS SAS Bots kits. Since 2017 we have awarded scholarships for more than ten million Argentine pesos (ARS). We are pleased to make technical education more accessible to children and young people who show great interest and talent in technological areas.

  • Since 2020 we have gathered more than 50 teenagers interested in professional training activities, oriented to professional practice, project development and collaborative work as a generator of knowledge and experience. These are students with basic knowledge who develop projects under the supervision of professional tutors.

  • A commitment to formcommunities of professionals in technology education of Latin America, in order to create work networks, share resources and educational experiences around the ideas and values proposed by Adveniat Foundation in its manifesto. Through different Slack channels, our collaborators take part in this program.

"We live in a society deeply dependent on science and technology and in which very few people understand about it. This is my greatest concern." ► Carl Sagan.

Covenants and partners

Adveniat Foundation certify the educational process of his partners. Learn more about how to homologate your courses and activities.